Kedesh Treatment

Our treatment programs are designed to address the psychological aspects of addiction. We have a multidisciplinary team of Psychologists, Counsellors, Case Managers and Support Workers who can help you to reach your recovery goals.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is the primary therapeutic modality of KRS, however your therapist may employ a multi-modality approach which includes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Psychodynamic Therapies, Attachment Theory, Family Systems Theory, Gestalt Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Positive Psychology.

Kedesh does not facilitate detoxification. We can assist you to find a suitable detoxification program and coordinate your transition to Kedesh.

Self referrals are welcome, or may be initiated by a community health service or health care professional.

Individual Counselling
Individual sessions are tailored to your specific recovery needs. We take a client centered and feedback informed approach.

Case Management
Our Case Managers can assist you with planning for the future and developing an aftercare plan. Case Management typically focuses on assistance with housing, employment, integrated therapeutic services, training and education. Clients of Kedesh may be eligible to reduce fines through the State Debt Recovery Office by applying for a Work Development Order during their treatment.

Group Therapy
Our group therapy modules cover the following;
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
Relapse prevention and drug refusal skills
Social skills
Mindfulness  and grounding
Inter and intra-personal relationships

Family Engagement
Addiction not only takes a heavy toll on the individual, but also on their families and loved ones. It influences the way families interact, and develop patterns in the way families behave together. While not always obvious, these patterns of behaviour can influence the dynamics of the whole family, deteriorating trust, functioning, communication, and the ability to cope. All families find it difficult to deal with addictive behaviour and substance abuse.

We can support family members and carers to take an active role in the treatment and recovery of the individual, by agreement with everyone involved.

SMART Recovery
SMART recovery is a voluntary self help group to assist people in recovery from alcohol, drug use and other addictive behaviours. SMART recovery uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy Principles (CBT) to help teach practical skills to assist people achieve their recovery goals.

The Kedesh SMART Recovery meeting is open to the community and is run at the Manly Community Centre on Wednesday evenings. For more information, visit

Treatment Cost  

  21 and over   Younger than 21  Day Program (non-residential) 
Administration and booking fee (paid before admission)  $185 $185 $185
Linen bond (returned to you when you leave)  $25 $25 $0
Weekly rent   $180 $140 $100
Exit money (returned to you when you leave)  $80 $80 $0
Medication money (Illawarra only)  $20 per vitamin, all other medication $10 $20 per vitamin, all other medication $10 $20 per vitamin, all other medication $10


Total to bring on admission   $285 $245 $200